Your Computer BIOS

BIOS of Your ComputerWhat is BIOS? Abbreviation of BIOS (Basic Input Output System) indicates set of base programs for equipment checks during computer launch, loading operation systems and also for data exchange between devices. Basic Input – Output System is stored in a constant read-only memory (ROM), thanks to it software may be loaded during computer load. Software of Basic Input – Output System (BIOS) affects the total performance of computer and mostly remains unavailable for users.

BIOS Manufacturers

Nowadays, two BIOS manufacturers can be found: Phoenix and American Megatrends companies. First company produces BIOS as AWARD and PHOENIX trademarks, second – AMIBIOS. Also you can found BIOS, which is manufactured by MR company. Some huge manufacturers of motherboards and other periphery, for example, Intel and Acer, also produce BIOS. Such BIOS versions are used only for some motherboard models of these manufacturers, but very often you can see on different motherboards of one and the same type the native BIOS, as well as BIOS of third party manufacturer.
Different brands of BIOS have natural differences, in spite of the same challenges that lie before them. This is primarily due to the possibility of manual setup and consequently, with the provided instructions.

The most “weak” in this regard is the BIOS PHOENIX – it has a minimal configuration capabilities , access to which is very difficult. Typically, this BIOS is used in multiprocessor systems, workstations, and on some motherboards produced by Intel.

As with any popular software product, BIOS of one brand has several different versions. This is understandable, with growth opportunities of the motherboard, the opportunity of their management is increased. Also, just like any software program, BIOS firmware is constantly updated,¬†optimizing and expanding the baseline parameters laid down in it. This, of course, does not mean that you have to update BIOS every week – typically, the computer works well on the pre-installed software, and update associated with not only with some difficulties, but with the risk of “losing ” the motherboard.