Blocking access in BIOS

To block access to the computer boot or change BIOS settings, password protection system is used. This system is effective only until the sophisticated user will not go inside the system unit and turn off BIOS batteries. You may also have to produce these actions after you forget the password for access.

For setting passwords “Supervisor password” and “User Password” commands (Set Supervisor password and Set User Password) can be used, which are in the main menu of the BIOS settings . In some BIOS versions, these commands can be placed in the Security menu. The first command sets the password for the administrator, which has full access, and the second – the users with restricted access.

Protect your computer on the BIOS level

Protection of the information nowadays plays a huge role. However, if the BIOS can only protect your computer from unauthorized access by not very sophisticated users. Generally, protection in BIOS – it is rather a relic of the past rather than a real need. While on the other hand, the protection at the BIOS level can put some barrier for unconscious internal BIOS settings changes by curious children. And thus protect your computer from “spontaneous” overclocking.

In the arsenal of BIOS there are several possibilities of protection: password protection of computer boot, password protection of changing BIOS settings, hard drive boot sectors protection, floppy disk lock and read-write hard disk lock.


It is possible to get to the BIOS settings window, which is also called “BIOS Setup”,only at the start of the boot process, before self-testing at the time as the boot table and the boot program will be called from the operating system boot-media sector. To enter the BIOS settings window, mostly it is used Delete key, however, in some cases, other keys can be used, such as F1, F2, etc. Required key name can be found in the message “Press Del to Enter Setup” or “Press F2 to Enter Setup”, which occur immediately after the memory test. Sometimes a message might look like this: “Del: Setup”.┬áIf you have brand computer, the input window in the BIOS settings can be different from the usual. If everything was done correctly, you get into the settings window BIOS, and if not, then system start begins, which can be interrupted by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Delete key combination or the Reset button on the system unit case. BIOS settings window, usually provides a menu with a list of topics with the BIOS commands Some BIOS types support operating with the mouse and have the view of folders which store commands.