Advancement of Reading-Writing. Part III

Use the parameter “IDE HDD Block Mode” (IDE HDD Block Mode Sectors, Multi-Sector Transfers) which enables to appoint BIOS as a distributor of structure blocks on the hard disk. This parameter has got the following two values: Enabled (HDD Max, Maximum) and Disabled. If the hard disk supports a mode of block data exchange (block transfer, multiple commands or multiple-sector read-write), this parameter allows BIOS automatically determining the best block size of the hard disk and controlling this value when reading or writing the data. When exchanging the data, several sectors will be simultaneously read and written that significantly increases an operating speed. If the hard disk does not support the multi-sector operating mode, this parameter must have a value “Disabled”. In this case all data will be read and transmitted to a system sector-by-sector.

You can also use the parameter “Multiple Sector Setting” which allows manually adjusting an amount of sectors in a block. This parameter may have the following values: Auto Detected, 2 sec/block; 4 sec/block; 8 sec/block; 16 sec/block, 32 sec/block and Disabled.

Another parameter that may cause the increasing in the hard disk efficiency is “IDE Perfect Mode”. Using this parameter, you can enable the use of buffers of data storage. If this parameter is switched on (Enabled), the speed of data exchange between a disk and controller will be increased. But if there are some failures, this parameter should be switched off (Disabled).