To update AMOBIOS, use the Amiflash utility and its analogues. This procedure in the regime of the command line is similar to AwardBIOS update and may be the following:

  1. Create a floppy disk and copy the file “Amiflash.exe” and also the file with BIOS firmware on it.
  2. Enter BIOS Setup, record the current values of the parameters, null BIOS, set a primary boot from the floppy and allow BIOS update (these steps have been described in detail in the instruction on AwardBIOS update).
  3. Exit BIOS Setup with saving all changes and reboot your computer using previously prepared floppy.
  4. After MS-DOS booting and occurrence of the command line, enter the command “Amiflash the nam_of the file_firmware and press Enter.
  5. Wait for finishing all operations and then reboot your computer. Null BIOS settings and set all necessary parameters.

Depending on the motherboard’s manufacturer, the name of the program and the syntax of the command line for AMIBIOS update may be different. Thus, the utility for AMIBIOS update by ASUS is called “Afudos.exe” and the update command has got the following syntax (there are not any gaps between keys /i, /o and the files names):

Afudos/iname of file_firmware        [/oname      – name of_older_file]