Audible BIOS Tones and Troubleshooting Tools. Part III

If the computer does not boot with or without an audible tone and the screen image does not appear, one may use the following tips for troubleshooting.

  1. Switch off the computer and switch it on after some time.
  2. If the rebooting had led to an error again, switch off the computer and check the devices are connected correctly, pins reliability in slots and connectors, integrity of connecting cables and loops and other.
  3. Probably, the computer does not boot because of unsuccessful overclocking or setting of some BIOS parameters. In this case, one should reset all BIOS settings with the help of jumper on the motherboard or using any other available method.
  4. If the BIOS audible tones show the failure of a particular device, try to replace it if it is possible. Sometimes the faulty device may be identified incorrectly according to the meanings of audible tones, because most devices are interconnected and influence one another.
  5. If the replacement of the faulty device is impossible or unsuccessful, try to boot the computer with minimal amount of devices (motherboard, processor, operating memory and video adapter), disconnecting all drives, expansion boards and peripherals.


Do not forget that you may connect or disconnect all devices after the computer has been fully switched off.

  1. If the system starts in minimal configuration, try to connect some booting device (CD/DVD, hard disk or floppy disk drive) or boot the operating system. If successful, gradually connect all other elements and check the system operation.