Automatic Computer Switching

The opportunity of automatic computer switching is a very interesting power management feature. If your computer is equipped with TV-tuner, you have an opportunity to record TV-programs, for example football matches. But what to do if you are not at home on the match day? It is scary to leave a computer switched on alone, and it is impossible to record anything on a switched-off computer. The ACPI function comes to rescue: it allows switching on/off a computer in a set time without your participation.

Another interesting feature is to wake up after a modem (or network adapter) received a particular signal. For example, you are in an office and send a signal to your home computer, switch it on or boot it, read or record the required information and then switch it off.

To set the variable data for switching your computer on, use the parameter “Automatic Power Up” that enables to switch on a computer

daily at the same time or to switch it on a certain day and time. This parameter may have the following values: Everyday, By Date and Disabled. The wake-up parameter may be called “Resume by Alarm” that has got two values: Enabled and Disabled.

When the automatic switching of a computer is enabled, the following set of parameters that enable to set the time and date for switching is available:

  • The parameter “Date of Month Alarm” (Alarm Date) enables to identify the date for switching on a computer. This parameter has got the values from 1 to 31. If the parameter is called “Alarm Date”, it has got one more value – “Every Day” that indicates the daily switching.
  • The parameter “Time (hh:mm:ss)” enables to set the time for switching in the following order: hours: minutes: seconds. You may also use the following parameters to set the time: Alarm Hour, Alarm Minute and Alarm Second. The first parameter may have the values from 00 to 23, and the second and the third ones – from 00 to 59.