Automatic Overclocking Parameters. Part II

AL Overclocking (AL Tuning)

With the help of this parameter, which is available for some of ASUS motherboards, one can select one of accessible variants of overclocking. Possible values:

  • Manual – all overclocking parameters can be changed manually;
  • Auto – optimal parameters are set;
  • Standard – standard parameters are booted;
  • AL Overclock (Overclock Profile) – the system will be overclocked on the value set by the “Overclock Options” (possible variants from 3 to 10 %);
  • N.O.S. (Non-Delay Overclocking System) – a technology of dynamic overclocking similar to D.O.T. is used. It is set more widely with the help of the “N.O.S. Option” parameter. Depending on the motherboard model, you can set the overclocking level in per cents or system sensibility of dynamic overclocking.

AL Overclock Tuner

This parameter serves to select an overclocking mode in a set of new ASUS motherboards.

Possible values:

  • Auto – automatic settings of parameters (default mode);
  • M.P. – a setting of memory operation according to the standard Intel Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P.). This standard must also be supported by memory modules, and the “Extreme Memory Profile” parameter is used for selection of the current memory profile;
  • O.C.P. – you can set preferable memory operation mode with the help of additional parameter “DRAM O.C. Profile” and the base frequency (BCLK) and multiplying ratios for memory and processor will be chosen automatically;
  • Manual – all overclocking parameters are set manually.

Robust Graphics Booster (LinkBoost)

This parameter allows speeding the video system operation by increasing the clock frequencies of video adapter.

Possible values:

  • Auto – the video system operates in its normal mode on default clock frequencies;
  • Fast, Turbo – the video system operates on increased frequencies, thus, the productivity increases a little (especially in Turbo mode).

Intel Turbo Boost

This parameter allows switching on a technology of dynamic overclocking of Intel Core i7/5 processors. A technology Intel Turbo Boost provides the opportunity automatically to increase the processor frequency in case of the workload of one or several cores or the lack of processor overheating. Possible values:

  • Enabled – Turbo Boost is on. In case of the workload of all cores, the processor multiplier may be automatically increased by 1-2 levels which corresponds to increased clock frequency to 133 or 266 MHz. If the only one core is booted, the processor frequency may be increased by two levels or more, depending on the processor model;
  • Disabled – Turbo Boost is off.