Awakening by a Using Keyboard and a Mouse. Part II

As a rule, the parameter “Keyboard Power On” and similar to it has got two values: Enabled and Disabled. In order to allow for the use of a keyboard for a computer awakening, this parameter must have a value “Enabled” – this causes the unlocking of one or several parameters enabling to set the way of activation. There are also the following parameters, depending on which only separate fields will be unlocked:

  • A value “Password” enables the parameter “KB Power On Password”. When you select this parameter, you are offered to enter a password which will lock an access to a computer after its booting. This password, just like a password of locking access to BIOS, should be remembered otherwise you will have to zero all BIOS settings to boot your computer.
  • A value “Hot Key” enables the parameter “KB Power On Hot Key”. This parameter allows selecting the combination of

    system buttons which are able to awaken a computer. As a rule, this is a combination of buttons Ctrl and one of F1-F12 buttons. This parameter may also be called “Specific Key for Power On”.

  • A value “Any Key” enables to switch on a computer after pressing any button on a keyboard. It is preferable not to use this value, as any unintentional pressing of a button will cause a computer switching.
  • A value “Power Key” enables to switch on a computer using an additional button or key which may be called “Power” (Power On). If there is no such button on your keyboard, it will be impossible to switch on a computer by using it.