Awakening by Using a Keyboard and a Mouse. Part III

The computer manufacturers often intentionally lock the possibility of computer switching by using a keyboard, although there are the appropriate parameters in BIOS. In this case, all values that you have set for switching the power are automatically applied for exiting the power saving mode.

There are also specific parameters in BIOS that enable to specify the way of exiting the power saving mode. For example, the parameter “Resume On KBS” where you can select the way of computer awakening – by pressing any button (a value “Any Key”) or by pressing a specific button (a value “Specific Key”). You can also use another parameter that enables specifying a password for

exiting the standby mode after pressing an appropriate button on a keyboard.

To exit the power saving mode by using a mouse, you may use the parameter “Mouse Power On” (PS/2 Mouse Power On, Resume On PS/2 Mouse) which may have the following values:

  • Disabled;
  • Enabled – double click with the left mouse button;
  • Left Button – click with the left mouse button;
  • Right Button – click with the right mouse button.