Awakening by Using Keyboard and Mouse. Part I

A computer can exit the power saving mode by default by pressing any button on a keyboard or by moving a mouse. But is it possible to switch a computer on by using these devices?

If your computer is compliant with the ACPI standard, you can do this. Moreover, nowadays the ergonomic and multimedia keyboards have become widespread. In addition to the main

buttons, they are equipped with additional set of buttons that enable to enter a computer into the power saving mode or switch it off. Such keyboard may also have a button that enables to switch a computer on.

To switch a computer on by using a keyboard or a mouse, you may use the parameter “Keyboard Power On” (Keyboard PowerOn Function) and the parameter “Mouse Power On” (PS/2 Mouse Power On). For the correct functioning of powering functions, these both devices should be connected to a computer via PS/2 USB-port. It often happens that such function is locked at the hardware level – there may be a special jumper on a motherboard that may be called “The WakeOn Keyboard/Mouse” which is set in “Disabled’ value by default.