Award BIOS Update. Part II

To update BIOS by using parameters of the command line, follow steps 1-3 from the former instruction and then enter the next command in the MS-DOS invitation:

AWDFLASH                          the name of the file_firmware

the name of_old_file /ру /sy /сс /сd /ср /sb/ e

A recommended set of keys for BIOS upgrade with saving older version is given in this line. If saving of older version is not required, the command must be the following:

AWDFLASH       the name of the file_firmware

/ру /sn /ее / cd /ср /sb /е

You may use the other keys in case of necessity, and the information about their function may be found by pressing “Awdflash /?” in the command line.


There is a possibility of error when setting the keys manually, so it is better to record the command for running the firmware program into the file with the BAT extension, or launch it by rebooting from the floppy.


Some manufacturers offer an archive with the firmware where you can find ready BAT-file for running an update with necessary keys. In this case you need to unzip its contest on the floppy and then start BAT-file after rebooting by entering its name in the command line. An archive with a firmware for Gigabyte motherboards contains the file autoexec.bat which will be run automatically after booting from the floppy.