BIOS Parameters for Video Card. Part I

In addition to the parameters that have an impact on the particular elements of video card, BIOS has a set of parameters enabling to optimize interaction with ohet system devices.

  • The parameter “Assign IRQ for VGA” enables to reserve one interruption for video card. This parameter may have two values: Enable or Disable. if this parameter is off, then several devices may be on one interruption at the same time. As a rule, these are audio system, modem, video system and other. When you assign a separate interruption for your video card, this may improve your system’s performance. But if there are a lot of devices (expansion cards), the assigning of interruption may cause some negative consequences: in case of limited interruptions, your system will “hang” regardless of the processor speed, size of memory and the power of video card.
  • The parameter “AGP Master 1 WS Write” (AGP Fast Write) enables to add one more wait state while data writing. It has got two values: Enable and Disable. To increase the speed, this parameter must be switched off but it allows stabilizing the computer operation during its unstable functioning, especially during games.