BIOS Setup Entry

BIOS setup program can be called BIOS Setup Utility, CMOS Setup Utility or other. Abbreviated names of this program are often used, for instance, BIOS Setup or simply Setup. Sometimes, setup program is called nothing but “BIOS” but this is not quite correct because BIOS setup is merely one of the BIOS components. The term BIOS setup will be used throughout our articles.

To enter BIOS Setup you should press a designated key or their combination during initial computer testing. The most frequently used are Delete, less often F1 or F2; there are some other variants as well. To learn which key is fixed to BIOS setup entry is possible by reading the system board instruction or prompt message, which appears during POST procedure, and, for instance, has such a form as: Press DEL to enterSETUP.

If there is no board instruction and screen message is missing, you can try to use the most renowned variants in a successive order:

  • Delete;
  • one of the function key: Fl, F2, F3, F10,Fll, F12;
  • Esc;
  • Ctrl+Shift+S or Ctrl+Alt+S;
  • Ctrl+Alt+Esc or Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

In addition to the fact that the key for BIOS setup entry should be known, it is also essential to choose the right time for its pressing – straightaway after the relevant screen message appearance. If a manufacturers’ logo is displayed instead of POST messages, try to press the entry key several times at 1.5-1 sec.  intervals in Setup.

A box with the demand to enter password may come as a surprise to you during the first attempt of entering Setup. It means that a user who had worked with BIOS setup before your time password protect the entry.