BIOS Setup Exit

There are two ways to quit BOIS Setup:
 without saving any changes;
 with saving all changes.

To quit without saving any changes, select “Exit Without Saving” in the main window and the message box “Quit Without Saving (Y/N)?” will appear then. Then click the buttons Y and Enter. You will quit BIOS Setup and your computer will continue loading.


It is necessary to use the exit without saving in the following cases:

 if you did not plan to make any changes and only viewed the current values of the parameters;
 if you feel you cannot do this or have inadvertently changes one or several parameters.
To quit with saving all changes, select “Save&Exit Setup” in the main window and the message box “SAVE to CMOS and EXIT (Y/N)?” will appear then. Click the buttons Y and Enter and all changed settings will be saved and the computer will continue loading. If you decided not to make changes in CMOS, click N and Enter or use the button Esc then.


Use the exit with saving all changes only if you feel you can do this or if you have not made any errors and mistakes while editing the parameters.

If you use BIOS Setup program with the menu bar at the top of the screen on your computer, select Exit on the main menu where you can find the commands “Exit Without Saving” and “Save&Exit Setup” described above.