BIOS Setup interface and operation practices with parameters

As a general rule, BIOS Setup program has character-based interface and is operated by a keyboard. There is a menu with the list of Setup basic program division in the main window of BIOS Setup. BIOS Setup menu bar usually resides in two columns; this variant is used in different versions of AwardBIOS (Phoenix-AwardBIOS) and AMIBIOS. The given interface is used in system boards of Gigabyte, MSI, Foxconn, ECS and many other manufacturers.

Another common variant of BIOS Setup interface is the one with the action bar in the top of the screen. Such interface is used in PhoenixBIOS, IntelBIOS as well as in some of AwardBIOS and AMIBIOS versions. This interface variant is used in ASUS, ASRock, Intel and some other system boards.

All the BIOS Setup divisions have similar structure.

The following control keys can be used in BIOS Setup program:

  •  ←, ↑, ↓, → (cursor control key) – divisions and parameters navigation;
  •  Enter –  selected division entry, selected command execution or opening of popup window with the list of values of the selected parameter;
  •  Page Up/Page Down (or +/– on keyboard optional digital module) – change of the selected parameter’s value; it is possible to search through all the available values of the in-out parameter by pressing several times the mentioned above keys;
  •  Esc – exiting the division for the menu bar and if pressing in the menu bar – exiting BIOS Setup with undoing all the changes;
  • F1 – help call for BIOS Setup operation;
  • F2 –  BIOS Setup colour palette change (not all  the BIOS versions are provided with this parameter);
  • F5 – previous values recovery for the selected division: the values will be returned that were set at the moment of entry to the Bios setup (this key is used for default settings installation in some BIOS versions);
  • F6 – installation for the default settings selected division (Load Fail-Safe Defaults command); some other keys, for instance, F5 or F9 are used for these purposes in certain BIOS versions);
  • F7 – installation for the selected division of optimised values (Load Optimized Defaults command);
  • F10 – exit from BIOS Setup with all the changes saved; in this case it is necessary to confirm action by pressing Y and Enter keys.

Please note:

The values of F1-F10 function keys can differ in certain BIOS versions, therefore it is preferable to check the system board manual or message in the screen bottom before use of these keys.