BIOS Unlock

If you have forgotten your password, the only way to solve this problem is to clear all current values of BIOS settings using some switches on a motherboard or temporary unplug the power battery.

Both Award BIOS and AMIBIOS have a big amount of the so-called technical or engineering passwords. These passwords are initially located in BIOS and can be used to unlock a computer in conjunction with the password set by a user. In contrast to user passwords, you cannot delete these passwords. The only disadvantage of these passwords is that they are not suitable for all versions of BIOS.

For example, if there is Award BIOS of 4.50G version on your computer, you can use a technical password “AWARD_SW” (a password should be given in capital letters).

In addition to technical passwords, you can try various programs clear a password, for example AMIPASS or PASSCMOS. But to launch them, first boot your system that is impossible till all programs of locked BIOS are performed.