BIOS Update for ASUS Motherboards

The utility EZ Flash was supplied together with a set of ASUS motherboards produced earlier. It allowed automatically updating BIOS using the firmware file prepared beforehand. This file had to placed on a floppy, CD or flash-disk and to give it a new name in the form XXXXXXXX.rom where XXXXXXXX is a motherboard model. The exact name can be found in the board manual. Then one had to insert the floppy into the floppy disk drive, reboot the computer and press the combination Alt+F2 after starting the POST procedure. BIOS updated automatically.

All new ASUS boards have improved utility EZ Flash 2 which can be ran in two methods:

  • by pressing the combination Alt+F2 during the POST procedure.
  • by entering BIOS Setup and running the utility from the Tools.

After running the utility, one should select the location for the firmware file. An update procedure will start by pressing Enter and it will result in rebooting.

There is also the ASUS Update utility on CDs for ASUS boards which allows booting BIOS update from the ASUS site and performing upgrade. The rules of use of this program can be found in the board manual.