BIOS Update for Gigabyte Motherboards

Most motherboards by Gigabyte have got the Q-Flash utility for direct BIOS update. To use it, you must enter BIOS Setup and press F8. There you will find the commands “Save BIOS to Drive” (for saving the previous version on a floppy or a flash-disk) and “Update BIOS from Drive” (for starting flashing of a new version). The modern version Q-Flash support update from flash-disks and hard drives formatted with FAT/FAT32, and older ones – only from floppies.

The utility @BIOS is located on CDs of Gigabyte boards for automatic download of the update from the Gigabyte site and BIOS flashing. As it was stated before, BIOS update from Windows is less favorable and may be used if there is no possibility to execute an update by other methods.