Checking Boot Devices

The process of system loading starts after finishing the procedure of self testing and allocation of system resources. The following parameters optimize the selection of boot devices:

  • The parameter “HDD Sequence SCSI/IDE First” (Onboard ATA Device First) enables to identify which of the hard disks will be checked firstly: connected via SCSI-controller or via a standard IDE-controller. This parameter has got two values: SCSI (No) – firstly the SCSI-controller is checked; IDE (Yes) – firstly the IDE-controller is checked.
  • The parameter “Boot From LAN First” enables to indicate the importance of using an online resource and other devices. This parameter has got two values: Enabled and Disabled. This parameter must be switched off if you do not use system booting via a server.
  • The parameter “Boot Up Floppy Seek” (Floppy Driver Seek, Floppy Seek) enables to indicate the mandatory verification of available boot record in floppy-disk drives. This parameter has got two values: Enabled and Disabled. This parameter should be switched off in modern computers. But if there is the need for booting from a floppy disk, you can switch this parameter on again.
  • The parameter “Delay IDE Initial” (Delay For HDD) enables to identify the delay before initialization of the hard disks connected to IDE-controller. As its values, this parameter uses the numbers that means the number of wait seconds. There is no need in this delay in modern computers, so the value 0 may be assigned to this parameter. If you have much outdated hard disks, the value of this parameter may be equal to 10-20 seconds. The value of this parameter is individual for each system and must be experimentally chosen.