Chipset. Part I

A chipset is a microcircuit which is a link between all components of motherboard. Technical and operating characteristics of the computer are mainly depend on the parameters of a chipset: productivity, sustainability, the types of plug-in processors or memory modules.

In general, a chipset is a set of system logics; it is like a manager – it must align the work of a processor and the rest of devices by servicing the signals from buses. The main link influencing the computer productivity is a chain “processor-chipset-operating memory”. An operating speed of the whole system depends on the lowest device. For example, if a frequency of the system bus is 133 MHz and a frequency of a bus chipset-memory is 66 MHz, it is clear that this value becomes more relevant in case of various delays both from the side of memory and processor.

Nowadays there are only six manufacturers of chipsets: Intel, AMD, VIA SiS, nVidia and Ali. It is assumed that Intel and AMD have the best realization of system logics as they create chipsets for their own processors.