Chipset. Part II

Each manufacturer is committed to creating the most competitive chipset: fast, not very expensive and reliable. It is much expensively to buy a motherboard with a chipset by Intel. But it is rather reliable. But nowadays the motherboards with chipsets by SiS are well represented in the global market: they are chipper and are almost similar to those by Intel.

The chipsets by nVidia have just recently appeared in the market. The motherboards that use this set of logics are mainly designed for processors by AMD and have various additional functions except the main ones. For example, a chipset has got a built-in graphic core GeForce and integrated multi-channel sound processor. Form the one side, this leads to increase of products, but from the other side a user gets noticeable video- and perfect sound card integrated into a motherboard.

So, if you select a motherboard it is necessary to solve three tasks:

  • Select the processor which you want to or can install or buy.
  • Select a chipset that will maximally respond to your needs. Here you have to read a lot of suitable literature or surf the Internet. It is also preferable to visit computer shops and ask about the characteristics and attitude of sellers to the desired product.
  • Select the motherboard in accordance with solution of the first two tasks.