Computer Loading

The process of computer startup has two clearly expressed options: a computer starts up or it does not load for any reason.

So, there are multiple reasons why you computer does not load: ranging from the absence of power supply to the failure of vital components of the computer, for example a processor.

BIOS Menu Window

BIOS menu window is also called BIOS Setup and you can open it only at the beginning of computer loading during its self testing. In most cases, use the key Delete to open BIOS Setup, but in some cases you can use the other buttons, for example F1, F2 and other. The name of necessary key is written in “Press Del to Enter Setup” or “Hit F2 to Enter Setup” that occurs immediately after the memory testing. Sometimes you can also meet the following message: “Del: Setup”.


LCD monitors have got some delay between computer loading and displaying of transmitted information. That’s why, if a monitor was switched on only after a computer, you may miss these messages. But as BIOS does not depend on monitor, you can press and hold Delete (or F1, F2 and other) and then BIOS Setup will be opened.