Customization of Overheat Protection

The sensors for voltage and temperature control are used for automatic overheat protection of some components of motherboards. Many motherboards also have the capacity to set the fan speed that allows decreasing their noise.

CPU Warning Temperature

This parameter sets the temperature of processor with which BIOS would activate a warning signal.

Possible values:

  • 60°C/140°F, 70°C/158°C, 80°C/176°C, 90°C/194°F – a system will activate a warning (warning signal) if a temperature exceeds selected value and if it is possible will limit an operating speed of processor (depending on a model of motherboard, a set of temperatures may vary);
  • Disabled – a control of processor temperature is off.

Shutdown Temperature

This parameter sets that temperature of processor, with which a computer will be switched off. The possible values are similar to those for the parameter “CPU Warning Temperature”.

CPU FAN Fail Warning (CPU Fan Beep)

This parameter enables activation of warnings if the processor fan is stopped. It is recommended to turn this parameter on by setting a value “Enabled”.

System Fan Fail Warning

This parameter controls the activation of warnings if the fan in a computer case is stopped. It is recommended to turn this parameter on only if there is some case fan.