Detection of Available Media

The information about all media – HDD, FDD and CD/DVD-ROM – is stored in a section “Standard CMOS Features” which is also called “Main” or “Standard CMOS Setup”. You can also set the Data and Time in this section.

Select “Standard CMOS Features” from the list of sections and press Enter. The following parameters will occur in a window that opens:

  • System Date;
  • System Time;
  • Primary Master – a leading device on the first IDE-loop;
  • Primary Slave – a slave device on the first IDE-loop;
  • Secondary Master – a leading device on the second IDE-loop;
  • Secondary Slave – a slave device on the second IDE-loop;
  • Floppy Drive A – a main device on FDD-loop;
  • Floppy Drive B – a secondary device on FDD-loop;
  • Boot Sector Virus Protection.

The parameters Primary Master, Primary Slave, Secondary Master and secondary Slave contain a list of devices connected to a motherboard using IDE-loop. The values Primary and secondary identify a slot: a Primary device is connected to IDE-1 Slot and Secondary device is connected to IDE-2 Slot. As a rule, such connection is used for HDD, CD/DVD-ROM and ZIP.

The type of connected device is set in front of each parameter: for example, CD-ROM is for a device of CD reading. The values of main features are set for hard disks – disk type, a number of cylinders, heads, sectors and other.