Electrical Rating. Part I

Electrical rating is usually situated in a separate section of BIOS which is called “Power Management Setup” or “Power”. Only settings for ACPI standard (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) have a significant value for modern motherboards. You have only to provide the correct support of ACPI from BIOS and all the rest parameters will be directly controlled from operating system.

ACPI Function

This parameter turns on or off the support of ACPI form BIOS. The significant part of the power control function is transferred to operating system.


Possible values:

  • Enabled (On) – the support of ACPI from BIOS is on (it is recommended for all modern versions of operating systems beginning with Windows 98 SE);
  • Disabled (Off) – the support of ACPI is off. Select this value when ACPI is not supported by a motherboard or this support is incorrect.


Turn the ACPI standard on or off before installing operating system. If this action is done with installed Windows 200/XP/2003, changing of ACPI operating mode may lead operating system would not boot.

ACPI 2.0 (ACPI 2.0 Support)

This parameter allows turning on or off the ACPI 2.0 support.

Possible values:

  • Enabled – the ACPI 2.0 support from BIOS is on;
  • Disabled – depending on the motherboard model, this value can mean the ACPI 1.0 support or disabling ACPI support at all.