Electrical Rating. Part II

ACPI Suspend Type (ACPI Standby State)

This parameter allows selecting one of the modes of lower power consumption. Possible values:

  • SI (POS) – a monitor and a hard disk are off, the operation of processor is stopped in an outdated power saving mode POS (Power on Suspend) but the power of the main components of the system is not cancelled;
  • S3 (STR) – all information about the state of the system is saved in memory and the rest devices are disconnected in the power saving mode STR (Suspend to RAM);
  • S1&S3 (Auto) – the power saving mode is selected automatically.

Some versions of BIOS have a parameter “Suspend to RAM” which enables (Enabled) or disables (Disabled) S3 (STR) mode.


This parameter uses the support of Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller (APIC) from ACPI. It is recommended to turn on this function for all modern motherboards setting a value “Enabled”.


Like ACPI Function, this parameter must be set before installation of operating system.

Soft-Off by PWR-BTTN (PWR Button < 4 sees)

This parameter defines a computer’s state during the trigger click of a power on/off button on a system block.

Possible values:

  • Instant-Off – a computer will be turned off after a trigger click of Power button;
  • Delay 4 Sec (Suspend) – after a trigger click of Power button a system will enter the power saving mode. To turn off a computer forcibly, hold a Power button for 4 seconds.