Electrical Rating. Part III

Re-Call VGA BIOS from S3 (Repost Video on S3 Resume, Run VGA BIOS if S3 Resume)

This parameter controls the call of BIOS video-adapter when exiting the power saving mode S3.

Possible values:

  • Enabled (On, Yes) – VGA BIOS will be called to initialize video-adapter when exiting S3 mode;
  • Disabled (Off, No) – a driver must perform the initialization of video-adapter when exiting S3 mode. The initialization is much faster with a driver; and if there are some problems when exiting the standby mode, try to turn on the initialization using VGA BIOS.

Power Management

This parameter sets the transition of a computer to the power saving mode using BIOS. Such procedure is very rare in modern systems.

Possible values:

  • Max Saving – as a rule, a mode of maximum power saving is on in one minute of a computer standstill;
  • Min Saving – if you select this value a computer enter the power saving mode in 15 minutes of standstill;
  • User Define – the time of transition to the power saving mode is set manually using an additional parameter “Suspend Mode” or “Standby Mode” (the downtime can usually be chosen from 1 to 60 minutes). To set the downtime of a hard disk before its disconnection, use the parameter “HDD Power Down”.

Suspend Type

This parameter defines a method of exiting the power saving mode. Possible values:

  • Stop Grant – a system will exit the power saving mode in case of some external events;
  • PwrOn Suspend – a computer awakens only after pressing a Power button.

Video Off Method

This parameter sets a monitor’s view in the power saving mode. Possible values:

  • Blank Screen – a screen is blank but it continues functioning in its usual mode;
  • V/H SYNC + Blank – in addition to a blank screen, the signals of frame and linear synchronization will be disabled;
  • DPMS – the power saving functions of monitor are controlled by operating system according to DPSM standard (Display Power Management Signaling).