Electrical Rating. Part IV

Restore On AC Power Loss (AC Loss Auto Restart, PWRON After PWR-Fail, AC Back Function)

This parameter sets the computer behavior after power loss in power supply network.

Possible values:

  • Off (Soft-Off) – a computer is off (by default) after the power recovery;
  • On (Full-On) – a computer will be automatically switched on after the power recovery;
  • Former–Sts (Memory, Last State) – a computer will transfer into a state it was before a network failure).

Away Mode (AMD Live!)

This parameter enables using a special power saving mode based on AMD processors which was designed for multi-media computers. In this mode a display, sound, fans and other devices resume, but a computer remains in its normal state and may perform various background tasks, for example, to write TV-programs, complete defragmentation or serve network requests.

Possible values:

  • Enabled – Away Mode is allowed. This function requires the support from operating system Windows Media Center Edition 2005 or Windows Vista/7 with a program “Windows Media Center”. Here you also need to install a driver for Away Mode;
  • Disabled – Away Mode is off. This value should be chosen if you do not use any features of the software “Windows Media Center”.

Intel Quick Resume Tech

The company Intel has produced its own standard of multi-media computer “Intel Viiv” which is similar to “AMD Live!”. The motherboards with support of Intel Viiv may contain the parameter Intel Quick Resume Tech using of which you can switch on or off the support of power saving mode.