Error Messages. Part I

If, while booting, your system has initialized video adapter, then a monitor will display messages in the course of booting. If a critical error occurs, the process will stop with displaying an appropriate message. If an error is non-critical, a message will be displayed but the booting may continue.

In this article you can find the main error messages for AMIBIOS and AwardBIOS.

8042 Gate – A20 Error; Gate 20 Error An error of line 20 which manages the keyboard controller. Perhaps, it is faulty or needs to be replaced.
Address Line Short Memory addressing scheme error. If an error does not disappear after rebooting, the chipset is probably faulty.
Bad Cache Memory – Do not Enable Cache-memory is faulty.
Bad PNP Serial ID Checksum A checksum error of identification number of Plug and Play device. Perhaps, it was caused by failure of a device or its bad connection.
BIOS ROM Checksum error – System halted The system has blocked because of incorrect BIOS checksum. BIOS code needs to be recovered.
BIOS Update For Installed CPU Failed An error of microcode update of CPU. Perhaps, the current version of BIOS is not aligned with a model of the processor used.
BootSector Write! Recording on the boot sector of the hard drive is found. It may mean the virus incursion. While setting operating system and some other operations, it is necessary to access record in boot sector with the help of BIOS.
C: (D:) Drive Error;

C: Drive Failure;

Drive Error C: (D:)

Drive Error C: (D:). It occurs in outdated motherboards. You can find its causes and solutions in the error “Primary Master Hard Disk Fail”.
Cache Memory Bad Cache-memory is faulty and needs to be replaced. You can try to boot the system by disconnecting cache-memory with the help of BIOS, but the system performance will significantly decrease.