Error Messages. Part II

In this article you can find the main error messages for AMIBIOS and AwardBIOS.

CH-2 Timer Error An error of the second timer of the motherboard.
Checking NVRAM The computer configuration is updated. If successful, a message “Update OK” will occur, if unsuccessful – “Update Failed”.
CMOS Battery State Low;

CMOS Battery Failed;

System Battery is Dead

CMOS battery on the motherboard is low and needs to be replaced. Sometimes this error occurs because of low-quality battery contacts, and in this case they should be stripped.
CMOS Checksum Failure;

CMOS Checksum Error – Defaults Loaded

CMOS Checksum Error. All BIOS parameters will be set by default. This error occurs because of CMOS data failure which may be caused by dead battery, virus or forced reset. Having corrected the problem, it is necessary to install BIOS parameters again.
CMOS Memory Size Mismatch;

Memory size has changed since last boot

Memory size does not coincide with CMOS data. Check the amount of set memory in BIOS Setup and exit with saving all changing.
CMOS System Options Not Set The values saved in CMOS are either wrong or do not exist. An error may occur because of low battery.
CMOS Time and Date Not Set Dates and Times saved in CMOS have been lost or have not been set. Check them.
CPU Has Been Changed Or CPU Ratio Changed Fail Bus frequency or processor multiplying ratio have been changed (perhaps, after unsuccessful attempt of overclocking).
Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk And Press Enter A booting device (for example, CD, DVD, hard or floppy disk) was not found.
Diskette Boot Failure An error while booting from a floppy.
DMA Error;

DMA #2 Error;

DMA #1 Error;

DMA Bus Time out

DMA controller error. The numbers of DMA channels #1 or #2 may be indicated.
ECC Error;

Multi-Bit ECC Error;

Uncorrectable ECC DRAM Error

The memory failure was happened and it cannot be corrected by Error Correction Codes (ECC). Perhaps, the problem memory module should be replaced.