Error Messages. Part III

In this article you can find the main error messages for AMIBIOS and AwardBIOS.

ERROR – Can’t Write ESCD It is impossible to record information on the system configuration. Perhaps, the NVRAM microchip is faulty.
Error Encountered Initializing Hard Drive: Error Initializing Hard Disk Controller An error of initializing of the hard disk or IDE-controller.
Fdd Controller Failure; Floppy Disk(s) Fail (80);

Floppy Disk Controller Error Or No Controller Present

An error of initializing of the floppy drive or its controller. Check for proper connection of the floppy drive, correctness of loops functioning and the parameters of the floppy drive in BIOS. If an error does not disappear, the floppy drive or its controller is faulty.
Floppy Disk(s) Fail (40) The type of the floppy drive is incorrect. Check for its parameters in BIOS. If an indicator is permanently on, then a loop connection error is possible.
HARD DISK initializing. Please wait a moment This message may occur with identification of some outdated disks that require additional time for this procedure
Hard Disk(s) Fail;

Hard Disk(s) Diagnosis Fail; Hard Disk Install Failure; HDD Controller Failure

An error of identification of the hard disk or IDE-controller on the motherboard. Check for the correct connection of a disk, correct loops functioning, jumper settings and disk parameters in BIOS.
INTR #1 Error;

INTR #2 Error

An error of the first (INTR #1) and second (INTR #2) interrupt controller.
Invalid Boot Diskette An error while booting from a diskette.
KB/Interface Error;

Keyboard Error;

Keyboard controller error;

Keyboard error or no keyboard present;

Keyboard failure, press [F1] to continue

An error of the keyboard or its controller. Check if the keyboard is connected to the system block, make sure that there aren’t any press keys on it. If an error does not disappear after changing the keyboard, then the keyboard controller is damaged.
Keyboard is locked…

Unlock it;

Keyboard is locked out…

Unlocked key

It is necessary to unlock keyboard with the help of security dongle.