Error Messages. Part VI

In this article you can find the main error messages for AMIBIOS and AwardBIOS.


Secondary Master Hard Disk Fail;

Secondary Slave Hard Disk Fail

An error of the hard disk connected to IDE channel Secondary Master or Secondary Slave.
Secondary Master Hard Disk S.M.A.R.T. Status Bad

Secondary Slave Hard Disk S.M.A.R.T. Status Bad

Self-test function of hard disks S.M.A.R.T. warns about a possible failure of the drives connected to Secondary Master or Secondary Slave channel.
Software Port NMI Inoperational An error of NMI interruption.
Serial Presence Detect (SPD) device data missing or inconclusive Misread data from SPD chip where the parameters of operating memory are stored.
System Halted, (Ctrl-Alt-Del) to reboot The system was halted because of a serious error. Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del will allow rebooting the computer.
Unknown PCI error Unknown PCI bus error. It is necessary to check functioning of all PCI-devices.
Update Failed;

Update OK

This message occurs after the system configuration update and shows its successful (Update OK) or unsuccessful (Update Failed) ending.
VIRUS: Continue (Y/N)? The system has found signs of virus activity, for example an attempt to format the cylinder/head/sector of the hard disk. A user may press Y to continue operation or N to finish it.
Warning! CPU has been changed or Overclock fail;

Warning! No system is in Safe Mode. Please reset overcklocking Features in the Setup Menu

The system boots in safe mode after unsuccessful attempt to overclock the computer. Check for speed value of the system bus and processor multiplying ratio.
Your computer case had been opened. Press SPACE to continue;

Intruder Detection Error

Some systems have got a function which controls case opening in the system block. If the case had been opened, you will see this message on your display and may continue booting by pressing SPACE.