Examples of Editing BIOS Setup Parameters. Part II

Imagine that you have to boot your computer from start up disk, for example, with distribution of Windows. The “boot order” in the BIOS needed to be changed to allow CD drive to be the first boot device.

The sequence for change of bootable device for BIOS with horizontal menu bar would be a little different.

  1. Reboot your computer and enter BIOS Setup.
  2. Select “Boot” in the main menu by pressing the keys ← and →. Remember or write down the current values of parameters.
  3. Select “First Boot Device” by pressing the keys ↓ and ↑ and set CDROM (CD/DVD) using one of methods mentioned above.                                                                                                         1-300x168
  4. Go to Exit by pressing the keys ← and → and select “Exit&Save Changes”. Confirm your action by pressing Enter in appeared window.
  5. Try to boot from CD and then return the former value of the “1st Boot Device” parameter.