Fan Speed Adjustment

Q-Fan Control

This parameter is used in the motherboards by ASUS and includes automatic fan speed adjustment depending on the temperature of processor and chipset.

Possible values:

  • Enabled – the fan speed is adjusted (selecting this value, you may open the additional parameters for selection a range or a mode of adjustment);
  • Disabled – an adjustment is off.

Some motherboards may contain the additional parameters for speed adjustment of processor (CPU Q-Fan Control) and chipset (Chassis Q-Fan Control).

CPU Smart FAN Control, Smart CPU Fan Target

These parameters are similar to “Q-Fan Control” but are used in motherboards by Gigabyte and MSI. There are also the similar parameters in motherboards by other manufacturers but their names may different.

CPU Smart FAN Mode (CPU Q-Fan Mode)

This parameter sets the mode of fan speed adjustment depending on its construction and is available only if the speed control function is turned on.

Possible values:

  • Auto – the fan type is selected automatically;
  • Voltage (DC) – a fan is connected via a three-pin power connector;
  • PWM – a fan is connected via a four-pin power connector.