Frequency Change of AGP-Bus. Part II

Nowadays you can find SuperAGP-video cards for which the bus SuperAGP is used with a frequency of 100 MHz. If you are going to buy such video card, ensure that your motherboards supports the bus SuperAGP of 100 MHz.

Some video cards may operate with increased frequency but sometimes this serves no purpose. As a rule, the frequency increase to 10% has no negative impact on all branded video cards. But the video cards of unauthorized producers may either refuse to operate with the minimal frequency change or operate normally.

To stabilize the operation of video card with increased frequency, use a standard method – increase or decrease the power voltage. Another method is increasing of the signal strength transmitted via a bus “video-system-chipset”. But remember, when you change the bus frequency “video-system-chipset” and increase the signal strength, you may damage your video card.