Frequency Change of AGP-Bus. Part III

Here are the parameters enabling to stabilize the operation of video system with the increased frequency of AGP-bus:

  • The parameter “AGP Driving Control” (AGP Comp. Driving) enables to set the control over the operation of AGP-port. This parameter has got two values: Auto – automatic setting by a chipset; Manual – manual setting.
  • The parameter “AGP Driving Value” (AGP C. Driving Strength) enables to set the signal strength manually. The values of this parameters become accessible only after setting the value “Manual” for the parameter “AGP Driving Control”. This parameter may have values from 00 to FF in hexadecimal number system that is appropriate to the range from 0 to 255 in decimal number system. This parameter has got the default value DA (218 in decimal number system).
  • The parameter “AGP Voltage” (Vagp) enables to set the value of voltage supplied to a video card manually. This parameter always has default value “Auto” which enables to set the required voltage for a chipset automatically. Select one of accessible values to increase or decrease the voltage.