General System Parameters. Part II

This parameter sets the type of a system video adapter. The value EGA/VGA should be chosen for all modern computers. The other types (CGA 40, CGA 80, MONO, MDA) are outdated and are only of historical interest.

Language (Current Language)

Traditionally all messages by BIOS are displayed in English but if your system has got such parameter, a language can be changed. As BIOS microcircuits have limited volume, the manufacturers support only several main languages, for example English, German and French.


Some versions of BIOS support operative language shift with the help of one of functional keys, for example F3.

Drive A/B (Floppy Drive A/B, Legacy Diskette A/B)

This parameter sets the types of floppy drives which can be connected to one of the channels (A/B) of the hard disk controller.

Possible values:

  • Disabled (None) – no floppy drive;
  • 3bOK, 5.25 in; 72OK, 3.5 in; 1.2 M, 5.25 in; 1.44 M, 3.5 in; 2.88 M, 3.5 in – one of these values displays the required type of a floppy drive. Almost all computers use the 1.44 M, 3.5 in floppy drives.


If you indicate the floppy drive that do not exist, in BIOS, your system may be unstable or stuck, trying to navigate to non-existent device.