How to Reduce the Computer Noise. Part I

There are usually several fans that produce some noise during their operation. This noise can hardly be heard in a noisy office but at home this noise can be heard very well.

Unusual noise may impede the high playing music on a computer and also create some disturbances in a room.

Fortunately, the leading manufacturers of computer equipment have highlighted this problem and now it is possible to build a silent system selecting the components thoroughly. But what if you have already had such noisy computer? In most cases, the noisiest part of computer is a fan of a central processor. You can decrease its level by setting some energy-saving technology. To change only two parameters in BIOS is sufficient for this.

  1. Switch on the support of energy-saving technology “Cool’n’Quiet” if you have AMD-processor, the technology “SpeedStep/C1E” – for Intel-processors.
  2. Switch on the function of automatic fan speed adjustment and in case of necessity perform its additional setting using BIOS parameters.


If there is not any built-in fan speed adjustment in your motherboard or its operation is not normal, try to use one of special utilities, for example SpeedFan.

If the described steps have not led to significantly reduced noise level, you should define what fans produce much noise, and if it is possible change them to more silent ones. Perform this action gently and carefully in order not to damage the other computer components.