How to Reduce the Computer Noise. Part II

If you are going to buy a new computer and you want to have a quiet one, draw the attention of the following moments:

  • Try to decrease the amount of fans in a system as much as possible. Thus, select a motherboard with passive cooling, without any fans on a chipset.
  • Select a video adapter with passive cooling but then its capacity may be insufficient for some 3D games. If you do not need a high capacity in games, you can only select a good motherboard with integrated video adapter.
  • Select the processor with low value of power consumption. Both companies Intel and AMD have economic models of processors but they operate a bit slower than the other powerful processors. So while selecting a processor, try to find an optimal variant of speed and heat generation for you.
  • To cool a processor, select a good cooler with effective radiator and quiet fan. Switch on the power saving technologies of your processor and automatic speed setting in BIOS in order to a fan will be able to operate at the lowest speed.
  • Select a qualitative case with low-noise power supply and a fan of big diameter (120 mm). A power supply makes a substantial contribution to a general level of noise, so do not economize on it.
  • Finally, select a hard disk with the lowest level of operating noise which you can find in a technical characteristic of your device. Nowadays modern hard disks operate much quieter than the older models.

You can buy the computer with such characteristics almost in each computer shop and its price would be almost the same as for the noisier ones. Such system would operate rather quiet but, if you so desire, you can make it ultra quiet by enhancing the design of your system block. If you are interested in this procedure, you can find different variants how to modernize your computer in the Internet. But there are also complete cooling-water systems and quiet cases by famous manufacturers but their prices are rather high.