IDE Controller

IDE controller is an important part of motherboard and it has a set of parameters for setting. A list of available parameters is usually minimized in modern motherboards as IDE-drives are replaced by devices with Serial ATA interface (SATA).

OnChip IDE ChannelO (OnChip Primary PCI IDE)

This parameter controls the first IDE-channel. All settings of RU and UDMA modes and the drives parameters “Standard CMOS Features” section will be unavailable after its turning off.

Possible values:

  • Enabled (On) – the first IDE-channel is on;
  • Disabled (Off) – the first IDE-channel is off and does not use any system resources. This may be done if there are no drives connected to this channel.

After the channel has been turned on, the following additional parameters for its setting may be available:

  • IDE Primary/Secondary Master PIO – setting of PIO mode (Program Input/Output);
  • IDE Primary/Secondary Master UDMA – switching on or off the Ultra DMA mode. If Ultra DMA is switched off, a drive will operate in much slower PIO mode.

Always set the value “Auto” for these parameters while their manual setting is required to connect some outdated disks.

OnChip IDE Channel1 (OnChip Secondary PCI IDE)

This parameter is similar to the previous one but switches on or off the second IDE-channel.

IDE DMA Transfer Access

This parameter enables or disables using the mode of direct memory access (DMA) for all IDE hard disks. For modern hard drives, it is recommended to turn this parameter on by setting the value “Enabled (On)”.

IDE HDD Block Mode

This parameter controls an operating block mode of IDE-controller when the speed of data exchange increases through the transfer of several sectors with data. If there is the value “Enabled (On)”, an optimal block size is selected automatically; and if there is the value “Disabled (Off)”, the block mode is off.

IDE Prefetch Mode

This parameter enables or disables performing the data prefetching by IDE-controller. For faster data exchange, set the value “Enabled (On)” and use the value “Disabled (Off)” if there are some errors in operation of the hard disk.