IRQ-Interruptions. Part II

All the rest interruptions are assigned to the expansion cards that support Plug and Play technology. In case if the amount of expansion cards is greater than the amount of free interruptions, several devices may be on the same interruption. In some operating systems, for example Windows 2000/NT, all interruptions are again assigned after the system booting and it may happen that several devices, for example the sound card, video card and modem, are simultaneously located on the same interruption without any reasons. As a result, if such devices would operate in parallel, there will be rather tangible delays in a system, for example audio may “hang” during a telephone call by modem. And if the manual configuration and reallocation of interruptions are allowed in Windows 98, you cannot do these procedures by default in Windows 2000/XP – they would be available only if you switch off a manager of ACPI power saving mode.

All parameters enabling to specify the method for allocation the hardware interruptions can be found in a section “PNP/PCI Configuration BIOS”.