IRQ-Interruptions. Part III

The working capacity of your computer can significantly rely on the correct assignment of interruptions. That’s why, while installing the expansion cards in slots, remember the following:

  • the same interruption number is assigned to AGP-slot and the first PCI-slot;
  • if there are five PCI-slots, one interruption number is split between the fourth and the fifth slots;
  • while installing a sophisticated device that requires two interruptions, the next slot , wherever possible, should be free.

In modern systems there are schemes enabling to connect the inner peripherals via USB-ports. Such schemes are rather convenient as USB-bus takes one interruption and enables to connect all peripherals (mouse, keyboard, scanner, video camera and other) without any further expenditure of resources. Shifting to USB-devices enables to decongest system interruptions in order to facilitate an access to them for other devices.