Main BIOS Developers

In a majority of modern computers one of the basic BIOS versions is used.

  • AwardBIOS of Award Software International Inc. (, the most well-known manufacturer of BIOS. AwardBIOS 4.51 was very popular in due time, AwardBIOS 6.0, which was widely distributed, appeared later. Award Inc. was acquired by Phoenix company in 1998, otherwise all the successive  developments have been released under AwardBIOS or Phoenix-AwardBIOS trademark.
  • AMIBIOS of American Megatrends Inc. ( AMIBIOS different modifications are used by a number of board leading manufacturers, for example ASUS, ASRock, MSI and others.
  • PhoenixBIOS of Phoenix Technologies Ltd. ( It can be found on laptop computers and system boards of some manufacturers the most frequently. Phoenix Technologies Ltd. as it was already mentioned before owns Award Inc., and releases BIOS under the Award trademark. Sometimes BIOS versions can be found entirely developed by the system boards or laptops manufacturers: Intel, IBM, Toshiba, Dell and some other well-known companies. Such BIOS versions do not differ significantly from BIOS Award, AMI and Phoenix companies in their functions and interface.