Memory Parameter Settings. Read-Write Parameters. Part I

To setup memory means to select the configuration of values with which all delays of preservation and retrieval of information will be minimal. These delays derive from waiting-time of read and write permissions in a particular location, the time of transition to a particular cell or a group of cells with the required information and other.

Let’s review the main parameters enabling to speed up the speed of memory.

Read-Write Parameters

In simple terms, memory is a table which consists of rows and columns. There are cells on their crossing, each of which stores the information unit – a logical value 0 or 1. All the data in memory are converted into binary numbers, i.e. all data in memory are sets of zeros and ones in several neighboring cells.

To read the content of one of memory cell, five cycles of memory bus are necessary:

  • specify the line address;
  • the control signal (strobe) confirms the receipt of address;
  • the main signal is sent on the column address;
  • the control signal is sent on the column address;
  • read data.