Memory Parameter Settings. Read-Write Parameters. Part II

In some versions of BIOS you can find the parameters enabling to set the circuit of memory functioning. As a rule, to control reading-writing, you may use the parameters “DRAM Read Timing and DRAM Write Timing (DRAM Read Burst (EDO/FP) and DRAM Write Burst Timing). There are different variants of permissible circuits of memory access: x333 or x444 – for FPM DRAM; x333 – for EDO DRAM. If you set the value which describes “shorter” circuit, you may achieve some productivity improvement.

You can also find the configuration parameters of the circuit of memory functioning in more modern types of memory – SDRAM or BEDO DRAM. The circuit of memory functioning is very simple for these types: 5111 – 1111 – …, i.e. all required addresses are specified when reading the first bit. You may use the values x111 or x222 for parameters of these memory types.