Motherboard Manufacturers. Albatron. Part I

The company Albatron produces not very expansive but rather qualitative motherboards. Motherboards by this manufacturer use a set of company’s technologies to facilitate significantly the life of both a usual user and a user that overclocks his computer.

Firstly, motherboards by this manufacturer use BIOS Mirror that uses two BIOS microchips: the main operating one and its mirror copy. An access to this copy is locked at the hardware level. If there are some errors in the main BIOS, for example, if an update has been executed incorrectly or during virus attacks, you can automatically rewrite the content of backup copy to operating flash-memory using an appropriate switch on a motherboard.

Secondly, such motherboards have multi-language interface (Voice Genie Technology) that informs a user about errors during the system booting. This system operates independently from the processor so if there are no processors it has an opportunity to give such information.

Thirdly, such motherboards have the mechanism which allows automatically assigning values to BIOS parameters by default if the values set by a user do not allow the system functioning adequately, for example above a certain bus frequency (Watch Dog Timer technology).

Another good feature of motherboards by Albatron is AGP Protection Technology which locks video card setting with power voltage of +3,3 V.