Motherboard Manufacturers. Albatron. Part II

Motherboards by this company use Award BIOS Phoenix so they have good opportunities for overclocking using BIOS CMOS settings:

  • changing the frequency of FSB over a wide range with the step of 1 MHz;
  • regulation of the core voltage of the processor, chipset and in some models – separately southern and northern bridges of chipset, memory and AGP;
  • changing the processor multiplying ratio;
  • changing the frequency divider of AGP and PCI (the asynchronous scheme is used in some models of motherboards that allows implementing individual changes of frequencies);
  • changing operating frequency of memory bus;
  • changing the parameters of delays of memory operation;
  • manual allocation of interruptions.

Using jumpers and switches on the motherboard, it is possible to setup a set of opportunities which the integrity and productivity of a system directly depend on:

  • a jumper for resetting the current BIOS settings;
  • a jumper for switching on/off the protection from processor overheating;
  • switches enabling to select a language for beep messages (between English, Chinese, Japanese and German);
  • a switch for selection an operating mode of BIOS Mirror: Normal or Rescue.

All these opportunities make motherboards by Albatron rather attractive for overclocking.