Motherboard Manufacturers. AOpen. Part I

The products by AOpen Company are reliable motherboards fewer opportunities for overclocking. The main feature of this company is an unusual design of motherboards. For example, some time ago motherboards by this manufacturer contained lamps which were used as sound preamps. Nowadays some models of motherboards have got FM-tuner.

The products by this company have also got a set of brand technologies which allow changing the voltage on a processor, a bus frequency, a value of divider frequencies of AGP and PCI and other parameters. Combined with their reliability and a standard set of parameters, this feature makes motherboards by this manufacturer rather attractive for users.

Brand technologies used in motherboards by AOpen focus mainly on increasing of operating reliability. For example, a mechanism of double protection is used for BIOS when, from the one side, BIOS copy is implemented into the area of flash-memory inaccessible for programs and, from the other side, a special program is used which starts after self-testing enabling to boot a computer even with partially damaged BIOS. Such technology is called DieHard BIOS. Another technology – Dr.Voice – enables voice messages in case of failures or problems with computer booting even when a central processor does not operate. To identify a failure, you can use a set of LEDs moved to additional panel Dr.LED. During self-testing, each combination of green and red LEDs is consistent with its own operation. In case of an error, this combination is saved on the panel which is consistent to unfinished testing. In case of successful booting, all LEDs are green.