Motherboard Manufacturers. AOpen. Part II

The models, with no panel with LEDs, use one LED located on a motherboard which flashes during the procedure POST and lights after its finishing.

Some motherboards also have one LED in front of AGP which lights on inadmissibility of outdates video cards settings with power voltage of +3,3 V.

The main feature of this company is Jukebox which allows listening to Audio CD without operating system loading.

Because of a very limited set of BIOS settings, some part of functional opportunities of a system is set using jumpers on a motherboard. Thus, using jumpers you can set the following parameters:

  • to reset the current BIOS settings and return to values by default;
  • to switch on/off PC Speaker on a motherboard;
  • to select an operating mode of DieHard BIOS: Rescue or Normal;
  • to switch on/off a network controller;
  • to switch on an opportunity to run a system using a keyboard and/or a mouse connected via PS/2 Port;
  • to choose a language for Dr.Voice (between English, Chinese, Japanese or German).

Motherboards by this manufacturer are suitable for beginner users striving not to overclcok the current configuration but to check the sustainability of different devices in various combinations.