Motherboard Manufacturers. Asustek. Part I

The company Asustek is famous for its qualitative and reliable motherboards. The product range of this company is rather wide – from cheap and almost unoverclockable to expensive motherboards with various capacities.

Motherboards by Asustek are good for their wide set of settings, selection of frequencies for a system bus, AGP and PCI, an opportunity to regulate voltages and others.

Here is a set of brand technologies by Asustek:

  • С.P.R. (CPU Parameter Recall) – automatic recall of BIOS to settings by default if it is impossible to boot a computer because of overclocking-related problems;
  • CrashFree BIOS – recovery of BIOS from a floppy disk or bootable CD even some data in flash-memory are damaged;
  • EZ-Flash – an opportunity of BIOS firmware without operating system loading;
  • POST Reporter – error messages when the system is booting (some models can create user messages);
  • Q-Fan technology – changing the speed of fan rotation depending on its temperature;
  • AI Net – identification of cable damages by a network controller using diagnostic utility;
  • Multi-language BIOS – an opportunity to select a language of BIOS Setup display;
  • WiFi@Home – a brand connector on a motherboard (motherboards of Wireless edition also contain WiFi-b card) to connect a computer to wireless network of WiFi of the respective standard);
  • Instant Musivc – listening to Audio CD without operating system loading (such technology is available only using built-in sound codec and keyboars connected to PS/2 Port);
  • MyLogo – an opportunity to display your own graphic screen during system loading.